A New Eastern Question? Great Powers and the Post-Yugoslav States

A New Eastern Question? Great Powers and the Post-Yugoslav States
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This compilation of essays by scholars from the region, Western Europe, and the US, explores the intersection of international politics in the post-Yugoslav states with a focus on the influence and impact of the European Union, the United States, Russia, China, and Turkey. The implications of external actors’ policy in the region for its Euro-Atlantic integration, its security, and stability are examined and discussed. In assessing the importance of the post-Yugoslav states for the EU and US and the current trend of disengagement by these two democratic actors in the region, answers are revealed regarding the question whether we are seeing a new Eastern Question emerging in the post-Yugoslav states. Likewise, when looking at the role of Russia, China, and Turkey in the region—and in contrast to European and US policies—, it becomes obvious to what extent the region, once again, is becoming the playground of Great Power games and wider geopolitical strategic interests. The analytical time frame covers the period 1991–2018. The changes in the foreign policies of great powers are explored as they relate to the institutional set-up of the region. For instance, do the changes affect the EU’s hegemony in the region? Do Russia, China, and Turkey actively contribute to changing the rules of the game in the region—be it the accession process or regional cooperation?

About the author

Dr Soeren Keil is Reader in Politics and International Relations (Associate Professor) at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.

Dr Bernhard Stahl is Professor for International Politics at the University of Passau, Germany.
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“The Western Balkans have become a site of great power competition in recent years, while governments in the region are also using the renewed interest of external actors to maximize their own position and drive a hard bargain. This volume is thus a welcome addition to exploring the role of external actors and their engagement in the post-Yugoslav states. Bernhard Stahl and Soeren Keil are well positioned to bring together a comprehensive and systematic perspective on this topic.”—Professor Dr Florian Bieber, University of Graz


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