An Agenda for Western Balkans: From Elite Politics to Social Sustainability

An Agenda for Western Balkans: From Elite Politics to Social Sustainability
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The Western Balkan countries have been both a popular subject matter for diachronic analysis and a 1990s favorite. The significant changes that followed the most recent times of conflict in the region mostly evolve around the process of Europeanization. Despite the plethora of analyses, most approaches to the Western Balkans suffer from theoretical stagnancy, ex parte political practice, and detachment of politics from societal needs. This volume is the work of a team of theorists and practitioners who attempt a multidisciplinary approach to Western Balkans reality. An Agenda for the Western Balkans offers a critical view on issues that have been over-analyzed in mainstream terms and opens a discussion that will occupy researchers and practitioners for years to come. It addresses novel topics and engages in innovative approaches that cut across disciplines of social sciences (political science, international relations, sociology, historiography, geography, political economy) and levels of analysis (local, national, regional, European, global). This collection is a pioneer theoretical and practical guide towards a sustainable future for the Western Balkans.

About the author

Nikolaos Papakostas is a Political Science Researcher and founding member of the INTER ALIA think tank.
Nikos Pasamitros is a PhD candidate in International Studies at the Panteion University of Athens and founding member of the INTER ALIA think tank.
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\viewkind4\uc1\pard\lang1033\f0\fs22 "A fresh look at South East Europe exploring the region's tangled Europeanization process and its discontents. Highly recommendable to both scholars and practitioners drawn to the Balkan politics, at a time of complex changes in both Europe and the wider world."-Dimitar Bechev, \lang1031\f1\fs24 Visiting Fellow at LSEE Research on South Eastern Europe, London School of Economics (LSE), and lecturer of international politics at Sofia University
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