Although mass murderers and serial killers describe two different categories, they also have a lot in common. What distinguishes the two categories from each other and what connects them? In "Mass Murder and Serial Murder" Arnon Edelstein proposes a completely new category – "mass serial murder" – and calls for an integrative theoretical model instead of the current research models.

Short description:

While "mass murder" refers to the murder of several people at the same time, "serial murder" describes several murders by the same perpetrator in a repetitive pattern. These incidents usually claim a high number of victims and cause considerable public anxiety. Nevertheless, the rate of finding murderers in these cases is relatively very low, especially for serial killings, if they are ever caught at all. Anon Edelstein examines the different categories of mass murder and serial murder and combines them into a new category, "mass serial murder". In "Mass Murder and Serial Murder" he presents and criticizes the most recent research and theoretical literature in this field and proposes an integrative theoretical model instead. This groundbreaking volume is intended for criminologists, psychologists, sociologists, students, and readers who are interested in truly understanding the complicated aspects of this fascinating field of investigation.


"Mass Murder and Serial Murder" will be published on 27.10.2020.

About the author:

Arnon Edelstein is a professor in criminology teaching students from the armed forces at Ashkelon Academic College in Israel. He holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. from the Institute of Criminology in the Department of Law of the Hebrew University. In addition, he is CEO of Re-integration LTD, a project to re-integrate ex-prisoners into the community.

Edelstein investigates the field of youth at risk and has published numerous articles on delinquency and deviance among immigrant youth. He is author of the criminology monographs Criminal Career and Serial Criminality (2006) and Intimate Partner Femicide in Israel (2011). Prof. Edelstein is married, has three children, and the family lives in the South of Israel.


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