Effects of the Merger of ISPAT, LNM and ISG to Mittal Steel from Global Steel Industry Focus

Effects of the Merger of ISPAT, LNM and ISG to Mittal Steel from Global Steel Industry Focus
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By its surprising fast growth, the corporation Mittal Steel became a determining factor in the steel business. Through the merger with ISG the corporation became the world's biggest steel producer and thus reached a global dimension. The deciding question of today is the further development of the steel business. The survey conducted by the author explores this question by evaluating key indications of this development and giving predictions for the future development. To illuminate the line of possible development, theories of globalisation and societal development are applied to the Mittal Steel Corporation. In addition, theories of strategy and market competition are used to define the profile of the corporation and to show the market position in comparison to other steel corporations. Basic strategies to improve the steel industry's vitality and sustainability are formulated.

About the author

Dr. Ingo von Röpenack studied Non-ferrous Process Metallurgy at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH Aachen) and wrote his Ph.D. thesis about Minimization of Chlorine Gas Emissions from Gas Purging of Aluminium Melt (Minimierung von Chlorgasemissionen bei der Spülgasbehandlung von Aluminiumschmelzen) in 1997. He also received an MBA in financial management in 2005.
After 5 years as a production engineer at a BOF-converter of ThyssenKrupp Steel AG, he changed to the quality department in 2001 as a quality engineer at the casting shop of the same steel plant. Beside this, he is also a technical consultant of the slab buying department.
He was prompted to write this book by the incomparable and increasing speed of the development of Mittal Steel and the global steel industry in the past five years.


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