Do not Disturb! I'm Drawing

A Journey of Self-Development Through Lines and Doodles. Understanding Children’s Drawings

Do not Disturb! I'm Drawing
A Journey of Self-Development Through Lines and Doodles. Understanding Children’s Drawings
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Understand the process and the meaning of the development of drawing in children aged one-and-a-half to six. This new way of observing the drawings—with curiosity, enthusiasm, and excitement from experiencing the moment and acceptance—grants children the validation of being loved and understood, and increases their desire for creation, self-expression, and communication. In a language suitable for everyone, the book exposes the reader to the secret of the fixed order of the development of children's drawing, of all its stages and meanings. Understanding the stages of the motor and emotional development of children's drawings and unraveling the encounter as well as the connection between them generates a new interest in observing your children's drawings and also provides you with the tools to understand their emotional world. This book is an essential tool for every therapist, educator, or parent who wants to raise a child with the ability to communicate confidently and openly with the world. Even though this is considered a "child-like" process, this unique observation also contributes to understanding the emotional world of the adult as it is reflected in mature drawings and even, occasionally, opens a window to the experience of observing the art of drawing in general.

About the author

Michal Bogin Feinberg is an experienced art therapist. For many years she has explored—and has accumulated lots of knowledge in—the understanding of emotional and motoric development of children's drawings.

She is a graduate of Fine Art studies at Beit Berl College and Art Therapy studies at Haifa University, Psychotherapy Studies in a Psychoanalyst Approach (Halfaba), Tel Aviv, Parental Instruction at Tel Aviv University, and the International Focusing Institute in New York. She has taught Art Therapy at Lesley College and at Beit Berl College. Nowadays, she works as an art therapist in a private clinic, in addition to being a lecturer and an authorized instructor of Art Therapy.
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"The book is very impressive, both the text and the drawings illustrate things in such a wonderfully pleasant and authentic way. As a young mom, I may have kept my children's drawings and hung them to show off, but I have never once thought of the circle, the line, or of the mixing and the separation which are present in these drawings in the way that Michal Bogin Feinberg describes and explains in the book. From now on, I will look at my little grandson's drawings in a new way."—Prof. Amia Lieblich, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

"The colorful and exciting book by Michal Bogin holds a great amount of knowledge that is highly important for any parent, art therapist, psychologist, teacher, and is recommended to any person with an amount of curiosity for understanding children and drawings. The book is very readable, professional, and creative."—Shevy Medzini, senior lecturer at The Academic College of Society and the Arts, Tel Aviv

"Michal Bogin's book is a wonder of clever and imaginative writing. It takes its readers on a fascinating journey of observing, listening, and feeling, enthusiastically, the encounter between child and adult during the process of drawing and creation. It is without any doubt a book that fills a void which existed in our bookshelves, a book that is impossible not to read over and over again." —Prof. Hana Soker Schwager, Ben Gurion University


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