The Complete Guide to Children's Drawings: Accessing Children‘s Emotional World through their Artwork

The Complete Guide to Children's Drawings: Accessing Children‘s Emotional World through their Artwork
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This indispensable guide for both parents and professionals offers fascinating ways to better understand the emotional world of children and what is important to them as represented by their drawings. It presents cases of children and adolescents coping with a variety of life challenges and clinical issues by way of interpreting their artwork. Parents, educators, clinicians, and doctors will find this practical guide highly beneficial for understanding children's strengths, weaknesses, and the reasons for their behavior in cases of ADHD, fears and anxiety, coping with divorce, stubbornness and power struggles, sibling rivalry, difficulties with weaning, tantrums, a new baby in the family, learning disabilities, obesity, a lack of emotional intelligence, and many more. The book can also effectively aid them in initiating a fruitful emotional dialog, based on specific insights from the drawings. The wisdom in this book is based on extensive psychological studies, innovative independent research, and vast clinical experience. Using over 250 real-life examples of children's drawings, Wimmer offers more than 100 effective coping tools and solutions inspired by this artwork that can be extremely useful in enhancing children's self-confidence and family relationships.

About the author

Michal Wimmer, MA, is an art therapist and international expert on the analysis of children's drawings. She is a sought-after lecturer on this subject who also provides expert witness testimony to courts of law in cases of abuse and children at risk.

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"The Complete Guide to Children's Drawings is an insightful, scholarly, comprehensive and useful text for those working therapeutically with children, especially those interested in an analytic approach. I would recommend it to therapists and trainers alike."—Professor Colleen McLaughlin, University of Sussex, UK

"Wimmer's book about children's drawings is written well, structured methodically, and it is clear that she has earned the right to write about this topic."—Dr Michàlle Mor Barak, School of Social Work, University of Southern California


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