Information Logistics in Supply Chain Networks

Concept, Empirical Analysis, and Design

Information Logistics in Supply Chain Networks
Concept, Empirical Analysis, and Design
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How can inter-organizational cooperation’s in supply chains be improved? This book analyzes the interdependencies between the use of information and communication technologies and the efficient form of IT-based coordination in supply chains and/or supply chain networks. Using the results of an empirical survey done in the European automotive industry, the status quo and the future of different information and communication technologies used to support supply chain operations is shown. The results on a general level were complemented by case studies which give examples demonstrating the specific behavior of individual companies and technological concepts in the automotive industry. On the methodological basis of transaction costs theory, network effect theory and empirical findings, an economic model of “information logistics” is developed, that can be applied to determine optimal IT-configuration and information flows and thus to analyze efficiency of networked cooperation forms. At the example of vehiclespecific supply chains and industry networks it is shown, how the overall network costs necessary to exchange information between business partners can be improved.

About the author

Markus Fricke received a diploma in Business Administration, especially Information Systems and Logistics from Frankfurt University/ Germany. At the same university, he was awarded the Ph.D. degree (“Information Logistics in Supply Chain Networks”). He currently works in the area of e-business and supplier integration at the BMW Group in Munich/Germany.


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