From Microfinance to Business Planning: Escaping Poverty Traps

From Microfinance to Business Planning: Escaping Poverty Traps
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This ground-breaking book shows how innovative microfinance solutions can help billions to avoid ‚poverty traps‘ and escape atavistic misery. While the success of microfinance has globally exceeded even the wildest expectations, there are still many obstacles – above all the lack of proper business planning on the side of the borrowers. Here Moro Visconti‘s important book comes to aid, offering bottom-up development strategies for micro-credit-driven startups and beyond. His forceful analysis of poverty traps and the practical guidelines given (including business plan templates as Excel sheets) are designed to help practitioners and analysts alike in understanding and reaching the true potential of microfinance.

About the author

Prof. Roberto Moro Visconti teaches corporate finance at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy. He is involved in many microfinance and health care development programs, particularly in Northern Uganda. He is author of several books and articles on finance and economics.


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