Geographia Literaria: Studies in Earth, Ethics, and Literature

Geographia Literaria: Studies in Earth, Ethics, and Literature
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By sensing the fundamental ideas of earth and the earth-thought, this collection seeks to negotiate with and react to the underlying semasiological or psycho-geographical principle of geopoetics that cuts across varied and at times conflicting schools. From reading some geopoetical texts to understanding the idea of earth in Humboldt and Marx-Engels, topolitics in Tintin, reef-thinking, geopoet(h)ics and Asiabodh, the volume tries to perceive how we poetically exist with the earth. Isn’t literature, taking a cue from Hölderlin, a symptom of the way “man lives poetically on the earth”? How is our body and psyche integral parts of the earth-thought? How does literature deal with the concepts of space and place? How literature enables us to comprehend the underlying principle of geopoetics — the principle of finding art in earth? These are some of the critical questions which this volume seeks to explore. Literature exemplifies a geographical consciousness — an “intimate and subjective” experience of the earth. This book is an attempt to conceive this eclectic infusion of art and earth, so that we are able to ensure that the world of the art always remains in touch with the earth of the world. Let us, through this book, un-earth this deep-rooted spatiality and geographicality in literature. Let us imitate earth through art, as this is the only place where we can live.

About the author

Jagannath Basu is Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Sitalkuchi College, India. His recent publication includes: The Portrait of an Artist as a Pathographer: On Writing Illnesses and Illnesses in Writing eds. (Wilmington, DE: Vernon Press, 2021).

Jayjit Sarkar is Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Raiganj University, India.

His publications include Illness as Method: Beckett, Kafka, Mann, Woolf and Eliot (Wilmington, DE: Vernon Press, 2019), Border and Bordering: Politics, Poetics, Precariousness eds. (Stuttgart: ibidem Press, 2020), The Portrait of an Artist as a Pathographer: On Writing Illnesses and Illnesses in Writing eds. (Wilmington, DE: Vernon Press, 2021) and The Cinema of Apichatpong Weerasethakul eds. (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, forthcoming, 2021).
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Stimmen zum Buch

“As the global climate crisis accelerates, Geographia Literaria challenges us to rethink what it means to engage in geography — literally ‘Earth writing’. This innovative collection of provocative essays creates a space where art and the world can meet anew, encouraging all of us to become more fully committed Earthians.”-Douglas Vakoch, Professor Emeritus, California Institute of Integral Studies

“How does humanity involve itself with the materiality of earth and what role is played by literature? By asking that essential question, this book invites our engagement in a thrilling adventure that is historically grounded and of essential current relevance. Brilliantly edited, it makes a major contribution to geopoetics by presenting a kaleido­scope of views on the intersection of earth, ethics, and literature. The stunning range and stimulating diversity of chapters offers a wild ride on a profoundly serious vehicle which travels through time, space, materiality, literary arts, and the grappling of huma­ni­ty with the location of our habitation. This book progresses a field, and yet, in its boldness, also serves to define and lay claim to a progressive new direction in literary ethics.”-Lauri Scheyer, Professor Emeritus, California State University


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Herausgeber/-in Jagannath Basu, Jayjit Sarkar
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