Gödel Forever

Through 90 Years of Foundational Claims

Gödel Forever
Through 90 Years of Foundational Claims
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Gödel Forever takes a critical look at several foundation claims on Gödelian incompleteness that have appeared in the literature over the years, strictly adhering to mathematical details. Rephrasing the words from Torkel Franzén: Ken Williams presents a new book on Gödel’s incompleteness theorem for a general audience since no existing book both explains the theorem from a mathematical point of view and reflects his experiences over the years of reading and commenting on references to the incompleteness theorem on the Internet. The range of critical review on the one hand and its elementary, if detailed, derivation of Gödel’s Result (on which it is based) on the other makes Gödel Forever a must read for the serious study of the meaning and consequences of Gödel's Incompleteness.

About the author

Dr. Ken Williams studied Physics in Birmingham, Alabama, of the 1980ies . Since 2018 he is an Instructor of Physics, Math & Statistics with CLAS of The University of California, Santa Barbara. Previously, Williams held a postdoctoral fellowship at CEBAF (now Jefferson Lab) and teaching posts at a number of Institutions. His research papers have been published by, among other outlets, Physical Review D and the Journal of Physics


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