Grassmann Algebra and Determinant Theory

Grassmann Algebra and Determinant Theory
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This book presents the Determinant theory with the use of hypercomplex Grassmann figures. It simplifies the proof of many determinant features. It also states several ways of solutions of linear algebraic systems, most of which are connected with the Determinant theory. The teaching experience in technical universities has demonstrated that the suggested way of presenting the Determinant theory is understood more easily. The title of the book is explained by a desire to attract readers’ attention to the well-known in the algebra sphere while introducing a new and more convenient way to present the Determinant theory for technical universities.

About the author

Dr. Tamara G. Stryzhak is Professor of Mathematics at the Department of Higher Mathematics of the National Technical University of Ukraine, “Kiev Polytechnical Institute”, and the Secretary of the Ukrainian National Committee of IAESTE. She studied at the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev, and defended her Candidate of Science thesis at the Institute of Mathematics of the USSR Academy of Sciences as well as her Doctor of Science dissertation at the Novosibirsk Section of the USSR Academy of Sciences. She is the author of five monographs, three textbooks, and more than 200 articles in mathematical journals.


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