Integral Philosophy

The Common Logical Roots of Anthropology, Politics, Language, and Spirituality

Integral Philosophy
The Common Logical Roots of Anthropology, Politics, Language, and Spirituality
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This cumulative course on Johannes Heinrichs’ philosophical works presents the essence of his previous publications: A rich, consistent, and novel monolithic system defying temptations by the zeitgeist. Starting with an emphasis on reflection as the basis of epistemology, Heinrichs also covers the mind-body dualism in an anthropology chapter, moves on to presenting summaries of his Theory of Democracy as well as of his Philosophical Semiotics, followed by an outline of structural and integral ontology. An overview of ethical positions in the final chapter proves the fertility of Heinrichs’ theoretical-reflection methods.

About the author

Professor Dr. Johannes Heinrichs (born 1942 in Duisburg/Rhine, Germany) studied Philosophy, Theology, and Social Sciences at various German universities and in Paris. His doctorate was in Bonn about the logic of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, his habilitation (venia legendi) at the Jesuit faculty of Frankfurt on Social Philosophy. He lectured Philosophy in Frankfurt and Bonn and Social Ecology in Berlin. He developed a “reflection system theory” which is an original up-to-date development of German idealism, inspired by the multi-value logic of Gotthard Günther. His reflection theory of language presents an alternative to the current language analysis as well as to Chomsky’s way of universal grammar. By his systematic approach he opposes the mere historicism of most Western philosophers, also by the spiritual character of his very methodical philosophy. In spiritual respect he is near to Sri Aurobindo.
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Stimmen zum Buch

“Johannes Heinrichs distills in this tour-de-force Integral Philosophy a life-time of reflections on politics, philosophy, theology, language, and art. Combining both European, especially German, thought and Indian wisdom into a unique synthesis, Heinrichs offers an alternative system on self-reflexive conscience to Ken Wilber’s which will be of perennial value and at the same time is distinctly appropriate for the political situation of our time. With this work, Heinrichs earns a solid place among the foremost thinkers of the world today.”—Prof. Peter Phan, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, where he is currently holding the Ignacio Ellacuría Chair of Catholic Social Thought. He is the first non-Anglo to be elected President of the Catholic Theological Society of America.

“I admire the enormous range Johannes Heinrichs is mastering. His unusual synthetic power, his moving forward to the heart of the problems are outstanding. Heinrichs is giving a second breath to structuralism.”—Prof. Xavier Tilliette, Institut catholique de Paris

“Johannes Heinrichs ranks among the world’s greatest systematic thinkers and this book shows why. Employing the best of European and Eastern philosophical traditions, the book provides the intellectual, spiritual, and ethical framework for human self-organization. At its core is the model of value-based, effective democracy. I have not found a better remedy for overcoming the moral and political predicament of our time.”—Prof. Klaus Bosselmann, Chair of World Commission on Environmental Law (IUCN), University of Auckland


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