Intercultural Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Intercultural Mediation & Conflict Resolution
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Would you like to acquire intercultural competencies that would open new perspectives to you, and new options for action, and new options, especially in negotiations, and situations of conflict? This book gives information on procedures and processes of mediation in Western and intercultural contexts, and explains them. Readers come in contact with what is special about mediation, and working with conflict, in interaction between Germans and Africans. Finally, the authors place at readers’ disposal introductory training methods, necessary for all who wish to work responsibly in intercultural contexts. The book’s “constructivist” approach affords the perception of new aspects and perspectives of German-African realities, and of the current discussion on intercultural conflict-management.

About the author

Dr. Claude-Hélène Mayer is an ethnologist (M.A. Philosophy), systematic counsellor, mediator and pedagogue in mediation (BM), who specializes in intercultural mediation. She works at the Institut für Interkulturelle Praxis und Konfliktmanagement (IIPK, „Institute for Intercultural Practice and Conflict Management“), and is degree recipient of the Institut für Ethnologie at the University of Göttingen, on the subject of research in conflict, identity and values in Southern Africa.
Dr. Christian Boness is Head of Instruction in the Pedagogical Seminar of the University of Göttingen, Head Counsellor for Studies, Diplomaed Theologian, and mediator. He was active in development cooperation in Tanzania for a number of years. Today he is in the employ of the Institute for Intercultural Practice and Conflict Management, as Adviser of German organizations cooperating as partners in East Africa.


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