Kisses from the Apocalypse (And Other Small Things)

Kisses from the Apocalypse (And Other Small Things)
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Love, sex, death, God, and nature are just some of the hot, fervent kisses that you'll find in this collection of contemporary, perplexed poetry. It draws its inspiration from the works of Bukowski, Poe, Baudelaire, Ungaretti, Neruda, and the Bible, among others. It reflects the unease, anger, doubts, and rage of our present situation while lyrically transporting us towards possible solutions. For all those concerned about our future this is beautiful intriguing poetry from the Threshold of The End of Days but, hopefully, not the End of Love.

About the author

Dan Corjescu and Cameron Gray are both lyric artists in their respective mediums linked by powerful creative visions expressing spirituality, environmentalism, philosophical depth, empathy, and love. Dan has translated poetry from over a dozen languages while Cameron's artwork has been recognized and has won awards throughout the world. Together they have created a book of poetry that is both thought provoking and visually stunning. Theirs is a unique artistic collaboration wrought by passion, commitment, and conviction that will command attention for a long time to come.


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