Medical Philosophy

A Philosophical Analysis of Patient Self-Perception in Diagnostics and Therapy

Medical Philosophy
A Philosophical Analysis of Patient Self-Perception in Diagnostics and Therapy
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This innovative book concentrates on the important distinction between philosophy of medicine and medical philosophy, by expanding the focus from ‘knowing that’ of the first term to the ‘knowing how’ of the latter. Thus, the idea of patient and provider self-discovery becomes integral part, method, and strategy at the basis of therapeutic treatment. Among the most important contributions of this volume, the definition of ‘Central Medicine’, overcoming the dichotomy Western–Eastern medicine and Traditional–Integrative approaches, is presented under the lenses of hermeneutics, with particular regards to neurosciences, psychiatry, and psychology. Evidence-Based and Patient-Centered Medicine are analyzed within the debate on placebo and non-specific effects. Furthermore, the clinical research presented in the appendix investigates the patient-doctor relationship, and the interactive nature of human relationships in general, including environment, personal beliefs, and perspectives on life’s meaning and purpose. Tomasi’s research covers neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and medicine. In this book, a wide array of questions and answers pertaining to these areas is presented in a clear, readable, and detailed way, satisfying the needs of professionals, students, and anyone who enjoys the exploration of the complexity of human mind, brain, and heart.

About the author

Dr. David Låg Tomasi works in the Inpatient Psychiatry Unit at the University of Vermont Medical Center, where he also serves in the Integrative Clinical Care, Research and Education Committees for the UVM Program in Integrative Health. He teaches at the University of Vermont, Community College of Vermont, VIC, at St. Michael’s College, and CVU Hinesburg.

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“In his book, Dr. Tomasi defines the diverse underpinnings of Medical Philosophy and elaborates on how these underpinnings inform the field’s role in academics and society. A bold and visionary thinker, his analysis of diverse topics—such as patient self-perception, the mind-brain problem, the limitations of evidence-based medicine, the role of complementary and alternative medicine, and the impact of patients’ faith and/or connection to a higher purpose on healing—demonstrates how Medical Philosophy can help to shape our understanding of medicine, psychiatry, psychology, and neuroscience.” William Tobey Horn, MD, University of Vermont Medical Center.


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