Organizational Behavior II

Managing Organizations. A Practical Self-Study Guide

Organizational Behavior II
Managing Organizations. A Practical Self-Study Guide
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Organizational Behavior (OB) is the one management discipline dedicated to understanding human behavior and psychology in organizations. This two-book set uniquely distills practical concepts into a self-study format with numerous exercises and self-application assignments. CONTENT IN THIS BOOK Organizational views: Strategic, Structural, Political, Cultural Change management: Change and resistance, Empowerment, Coaching Selected concepts: Delegation, Mentoring, Diversity

About the author

TIMEA HAVAR stands for an unusual combination of management and classical singing. Creator of the HAVAR CONCEPT©, she coaches leaders and delivers training to industry and consulting firms. In her role as lecturer at German and Swiss universities, she teaches organizational behavior and soft skills. Her artistic background includes the Dresden Semper Opera and German TV productions. In addition to her classical singer and pedagogy degrees from the universities of music at Stuttgart and Dresden, she earned an MBA from the European School of Business (ESB) at Reutlingen University. She was trained in case study teaching and negotiation at Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School.

DANIEL SIMONOVICH has taught strategy, leadership and information management at the European School of Business (Reutlingen University) where he was Dean and Vice President. His research interest include strategy formulation, organizational development and transformation, and strategy execution. He consults organizations on strategy and leadership and also provides corporate trainings in these areas. Prior to his professorship, he worked as a strategy consultant for CSC Index and Booz Allen Hamilton in various industries. He earned degrees from Cambridge University, Ecole Centrale Paris, Hamburg University, and INSEAD.


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