PC on Earth: The Beginnings of the Totalitarian Mindset

PC on Earth: The Beginnings of the Totalitarian Mindset
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What is political correctness? What is conformism? And could one say that pre-emptive obedience is a part of the increasingly prevalent climate of political correctness encountered today? The authors of PC on Earth take issue with a fashionable phenomenon emerging from North American campuses that is beginning to take hold in Europe, too: the dangerous consequences of identity politics and conformism, which they define as an essential element of political correctness. This book is a collection of satire, philosophical analysis, travel reports, political analysis, and personal experiences. The authors, all Europeans, present diverse views on a controversial topic. This collection offers readers independent and free-thinking opinions they will get nowhere else.

About the author

Jabbar Moradi was born into a Muslim family in Iran. He now lives in the Czech Republic. He holds a Ph.D. in environmental sciences (2018), with a focus on the remediation of mining and quarrying extraction sites. He has studied key religious, environmentalist, national, and political ideologies, taking in their spectrum of thinking, both mainstream and extremist. Jabbar is concerned that the tradition of clear-sighted, scientific rationalism in the West is being undermined by irrational ideologies.

Jasmin Dall’Agnola is a Ph.D. candidate and associate lecturer in politics and international relations at the Centre for Global Politics, Economy and Society (GPES) at Oxford Brookes University. She received her master’s in political science and Russian linguistics from the University of Zurich UZH in 2017. Her Ph.D. project focuses on the reality of globalization and national identity in the context of the former Soviet Central Asian Republic of Kazakhstan. Jasmin is also the Treasurer of the BASEES Caucasus Study Group and Founder and Chairwoman of the Eurasian, East and Central European Studies Women Academics’ Forum (EECES WAF).


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