Moving beyond Islamist Extremism

Assessing Counter Narrative Responses to the Global Far Right

Moving beyond Islamist Extremism
Assessing Counter Narrative Responses to the Global Far Right
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Traditionally, far-right terrorism has been the black swan of terrorism studies—receiving less attention than Jihadi extremism. In this book, William Allchorn takes a deep dive into multiple geographical locales and the online space of far-right movements, uncovering the crisis narratives that are animating violent far-right extremist milieus and presenting solutions on what we can do to stop them. Using eight country case studies and the results of an online pilot project, this is the first book-length presentation and discussion of counter techniques to far-right narratives—exploring their effectiveness, the ethics of such techniques, and their ability to disrupt pathways from radicalism towards violent extremism. Coming at a time of a renewed global wave of far-right violence, this book is of use to scholars as well as practitioners in the fields of far-right studies, terrorism studies, and strategic communications.

About the author

Dr William Allchorn is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Leeds and Associate Director at the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR). He is an expert on anti-Islamic radical-right social movements in the UK and Western Europe. He is the author of Anti-Islamic Protest in the UK (Routledge, 2018). In 2019, he started a new research project—with Hedayah CVE—looking at violent far-right extremist narratives and counter narratives globally.

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“Moving beyond Islamist Extremism: Assessing Counter Narrative Responses to the Global Far Right is a must-read text to scholars and practitioners who desire to enhance their proficiency in the current landscape of the violent far right as well as with one of the essential tools available for law enforcement and policy agencies to counter its expansion, that of counter narratives. The book proves to be an important resource on the possibilities of non-violent measures for improving security.”—Dr Kristy Campion, Assistant Professor of Terrorism Studies, Charles Sturt University, Australia



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