A Cosmopolitan Model for Peacebuilding: The Ukrainian Cases of Crimea and the Donbas

A Cosmopolitan Model for Peacebuilding: The Ukrainian Cases of Crimea and the Donbas
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Ukraine is again—since its annexation of Crimea in February 2014 and the ongoing war in the Donbass—the stage of the largest crisis in Europe since the end of the Cold War. When it comes to understanding the resolution and prevention of complex hybrid conflicts, theories in international relations are trapped in their state-centered perspectives. Meanwhile, the role of the individual actor, alone or organized, often remains underestimated as political and moral agent. In this book, Marc Raphael Dietrich sheds light on a critical yet politically practicable notion of cosmopolitanism which centers on the individual and is framed by a set of universal principles, thus providing valuable alternative insights on the Crimea and Donbas conflict.

About the author

Dr. Marc Raphael Dietrich studied Political Science, Sociology, and Philosophy at the Universities of Berne, Zurich, IEP de Bordeaux, Goethe University of Frankfurt/Main (Magister Artium), and at the University of Geneva (Docteur ès sciences politique). Since 2015, he works for the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in different functions, most recently as Senior Governance Adviser for the Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission in South Sudan. Before, he worked for several years in Ukraine, among others, for the United Nations, European Union’s Advisory Mission, and OSCE in the Donbas. He further engaged for various international NGOs in the Horn of Africa, Switzerland, and Ukraine. His research focuses on international political theory and peacebuilding.
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‘excellent book bringing forward the idea of a contemporary Cosmopolitanism conception and the practical application in the realm of an existing conflict context in Ukraine – highly recommended to read’ Rémi Badouï , Professor of Political Science, University of Geneva


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