Russkoe Natsional’noe Edinstvo, 1990-2000. V 2-kh tomakh

Russkoe Natsional’noe Edinstvo, 1990-2000. V 2-kh tomakh
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These two volumes describe and document in detail the history and ideology of the Russian neo-Nazi party Russkoe Natsional’noe Edinstvo RNE (Russian National Unity) from 1990 to 2000 when the organization broke up into several minor groups. It is the first time that the RNE becomes the subject of a thorough investigation. Volume 1 one tells the story of the emergence and rise of the RNE, and, in an epilogue, summarizes the development of the most important of the RNE’s various miniscule successor organizations from 2000 to 2005. The volume also contains short descriptions of various local and foreign branches of the RNE in the Russian regions and countries of the former Soviet Union between 1990 and 2000. It finally provides a biography of the RNE’s founder and foremost leader Aleksandr Barkashov. Volume 2 contains a collection of documents of the RNE including its various programs, leaflets and other party literature and propaganda material. The volume’s second part consists of appendices reproducing lists of names related to the RNE’s and its allies’, such as the Spas Movement’s, activities, i.e. a list of candidates for elections, and a list of the RNE members who took part in the October 1993 uprising in Moscow. The volume’s third part contains an extensive bibliography. Finally, there are twenty black-and-white pictures of the RNE’s leaders, activities, emblems and leaflets.


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