World War II, Uncontrived and Unredacted: Testimonies from Ukraine 

World War II, Uncontrived and Unredacted: Testimonies from Ukraine 
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The war separated families, took lives, broke fates ... It is very important to know and remember it at any time. Even many decades later, new details, memories, and testimonies appear. This book gathers several fascinating, true family stories written from accounts of parents, grandparents, etc. The authors, whose articles were collected with the help of the popular scientific publication Historical Truth, tell us about the worst war of the 20th century, about the fate of those people whose lives were divided forever into “before” and “after.” Here we can find first-hand accounts about Ukrainians who fought in various armies, about the lives of deported people, about the fate of people taken to compulsory labor camps, and about the men and women who remain in our memories forever.

About the author

Vakhtang Kipiani is a Ukrainian journalist, chief editor of the well-known website Istorychna Pravda (‘Historical Truth’). He was a participant of the Revolution on Granite in Ukraine in 1990. During the 1990s–2000s, he worked as a journalist for several newspapers and TV channels. Kipiani studies the history of the informal press in the former Soviet Union and manifestations of extremism in media.


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