Applied Cryobiology – Human Biostasis

Applied Cryobiology – Human Biostasis
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The volume at hand presents the proceedings at the first scientific cryonics symposium in Germany with additional contributions by expert authors. The topics discussed encompass the scientific basis of cryonics, latest progresses in cryoconservation as well as problems and obstacles and biological foundations. Why do we age? Are there means to extend the life span? Can cryonic preservation be realistic? What are the ethical implications? Which influences does the movement of transhumanism have on cryonics? Different conceptions of cryopreservation are discussed, technical challenges and logistics of transportation on ice are addressed as well as proper education in applied cryonics. The example of the return of a frozen kidney to life is presented as well as the roots of cryonics in the ‘ice age’ of heart surgery and perspectives for cryobiology in emergency medicine after severe lesions.

About the author

Prof. Dr. Klaus H. Sames was born in Kassel, Germany, in 1939. He worked as a physician and anatomist for four decades in research on the extension of the human life span. He was the first university teacher in experimental biological gerontology in Germany. Sames works as a scientific advisor for Cryonics Institute and is an honorary member of the German Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics as well as honorary chairman of the German Society of Applied Biostasis. He has assisted in several suspension cases in Europe cooperating with Cryonics Institute.


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