Benefits of a law firm's website

Benefits of a law firm's website
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The Internet is playing an increasing role in our everyday private and business lives. New opportunities are arising all the time and many organisations have already set up websites allocating substantial budgets each year to keep them up and running. This observation also holds true for the legal sector. The majority of international law firms and many national and regional ones have their own websites. However, so far the legal sector has only spent little on marketing and their web presence. And although this is beginning to change, many law firms are still not taking full advantage of modern innovations in website design, content, and structure, and their websites often prove to be of little use to their clients. Petra Huettemann gives an overview of possible client benefits that can be derived from websites in general and those customised for law firms in particular. The theories she develops are supported by survey results. Further on, she gives recommendations for website design and its implementation into a law firm’s online strategy.

About the author

Petra Huettemann studied International Finance and Law at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt/ Main and focused on Marketing during her last years at university. Since 2000 she has worked as a freelancer for small and medium sized companies in the service sector. During that period she mainly offered marketing and business development support to her clients. At the moment, she works for a big German bank and is currently employed in the In-house Consulting department there.


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