Russian Studies of International Relations

From the Soviet Past to the Post-Cold-War Present

Russian Studies of International Relations
From the Soviet Past to the Post-Cold-War Present
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Recently, a renewed international interest in Russia as a world political actor has emerged. Against this background, it is useful to better understand how international relations and foreign affairs are studied in Russia and how future Russian political actors, diplomatic personnel, ministerial bureaucrats, business managers, area experts, and other officials, activists, or researchers are taught for their work on the international arena. What are the theories, approaches, and schools that guide Russian teaching on, and research of, international relations? The current state of Russian studies of International Relations (IR), to a large degree, reflects the history and development of IR research during Soviet times. However, over the past 25 years, one could also observe a number of new developments—both substantive and institutional—which are important not only for properly assessing the new state of this academic discipline in Russia, but also for better comprehending Russian foreign policy as well as various international activities of Russia’s regions, businesses, media, etc.

About the author

Dr. Marina Lebedeva is Professor of World Politics at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. She has taught at Moscow State University as well as at the Higher School of Economics.

She is the author of, among other publications, Dealing with Conflicts in and around Russia: Enforce or Negotiate? (Clingendael 1992), Vam predstoiat peregovory (Ekonomika 1993), Politicheskoe uregulirovanie konfliktov (Aspekt Press 1997, 1999), Mirovaia politika (Aspekt Press 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007; Knorus 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016), co-author of Global'noe upravlenie (MGIMO 2013), Tsentral'naia Aziia: Sotsial'no-gumanitarnoe izmerenie (Aspekt Press 2016), and editor of "Privatizatsiia" mirovoi politiki (Golden-Bi 2008), Sovremennye global'nye problemy mirovoi politiki (Aspekt Press 2009), Metamorfozy mirovoi politiki (MGIMO 2012) as well as Publichnaia diplomatiia (Aspekt Press 2017). Her papers have been published in, among other journals, Global Society, International Negotiation, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, International Affairs (Moscow), Mirovaia ekonomika i mezhdunarodnye otnosheniia, Politicheskie issledovaniia, and Mezhdunarodnye protsessy.

The author of the foreword:

Dr. Andrei P. Tsygankov is Professor of Political Science and International Relations at San Francisco State University, California.
Stimmen zum Buch

Stimmen zum Buch

“Lebedeva, perhaps the most outstanding Russian IR specialist, provides us with an in-depth analysis of Russian IR concepts in theoretical and applied research.”—Prof. Sergey V. Chugrov, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Editor-in-Chief of “POLIS: Politicheskie issledovaniia,” the journal of the Russian Association of Political Sciences

“The uniqueness of the book is connected with the fact that it is written by one of the most prominent scholars in the field.”—Prof. Tatiana Alekseeva, Head of the Department of Political Theory at Moscow State Institute of International Relations

“There are at least two reasons for me to recommend the book to Russian scholars in the field of international studies, to their foreign colleagues, and to students both in Russia and abroad. First, this is a very personal book. In the introduction, Lebedeva herself states that she is “offering [her] vision of the development of international studies in Russia, limited by [her] experience, communication with colleagues, and the processes that [she] observed” (p. 13). Even the language of the book reflects its personality. […] Another reason, why I would recommend this book […] is that this book observes teaching of international relations as an integral part of international studies in Russia.”―D. A. Lanko, International Relations, 2019, vol. 12, issue 4


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