The Global Ape: Between Extinction and Transcendence

The Global Ape: Between Extinction and Transcendence
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What is Man? What is his nature? Where is he going? These are but some of the questions this book is trying to find answers to. They are questions that will take us on a fascinating intellectual journey encompassing politics, history, sociology, philosophy, religion, and science. Along the way you will encounter many great thinkers such as Aristotle and Nietzsche (to name but two) as well as be confronted by some of humanity’s most sublime achievements and horrific failures. After reading this book, you will have a better understanding of humankind’s potential for good and evil and our chances for survival and transcendence in the not too distant future.

About the author

Dan Corjescu is the son of Romanian refugees and was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He grew up in and around New York City and studied the humanities, languages, and the social sciences in various universities throughout the US and Europe. He is currently teaching Globalization, Conflict and Cooperation, Society and Technology, Environmental Ethics, and Intro to Philosophy at the University of Tübingen's “Studium Professionale” program.


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