State Building in the Middle of a Geopolitical Struggle

The Cases of Ukraine, Moldova, and Pridnestrovia


State Building in the Middle of a Geopolitical Struggle
The Cases of Ukraine, Moldova, and Pridnestrovia
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Rolando Dromundo presents a political and historical analysis of the state-building processes in Ukraine, Moldova, and the unrecognized Republic of Pridnestrovia from the Soviet fall until 2015, starting with a sketch of the main geopolitical trend that surrounds these polities and its influences on them, and paying special attention to the vicissitudes of the Ukrainian political crisis of 2013–14 and its immediate consequences in Crimea and the Donbass. This book is a must for scholars with an interest in the Post-Soviet Space and to anyone curious about an international conflict from a realist perspective. It offers an original insight on the understanding of the oligarch’s role in the Ukrainian political life and presents a different perspective of the unrecognized Republic of Pridnestrovia. Dromundo writes neither pro-Russian nor pro-Western. He sheds light on the problems from different angles and illustrates how the local inhabitants turned out to become the biggest losers in the game because they have fallen prey to local elites allied with different foreign powers disregarding local identities and needs. Altogether, the book helps to better understand the complexity of local state-building processes in a multiethnic society.

About the author

Rolando Dromundo obtained his PhD in Geopolitics at Pisa University in 2016. He obtained an MA in International Relations at Bologna University and his BA in Communications Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Dromundo has a long journalistic experience including several years as a foreign correspondent for La Nueva Televisión del Sur (Telesur), where he covered a wide range of events like the “Drug War” in Mexico, the coup d’état in Mali, humantrafficking from Central America, different electoral processes, and sport events.
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“Dromundo provides valuable insights into the complexity of the tasks that countries in political transition face and the influences of geopolitical struggles going on around them. For this reason alone, it is a study well worth reading.”—Nicolai N. Petro, Silvia-Chandley Professor of Peace Studies and Nonviolence, University of Rhode Island (USA)

“This book is about the territory of recent geopolitical games. It shows not only the process of state-building of the countries in the region, but also the construction of both Russian ‘assertive and sovereign’ and of European ‘common and sovereign’ external policies. This analysis can help us to retrace the nascence of neomodernistic reality of contemporary International Relations and to understand how to survive together.”—Dr Anna Barsukova, associate professor of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad, Russia)

“The author portrays an innovative and provocative analysis of the vicissitudes brought by the clash of different geopolitical projects in the Post-Soviet space, in the Ukrainian and Moldovan cases. The research combines political analysis, historical research, and a wide set of local sources. A worthwile read.”—Professor Lucio Caracciolo, Director Limes Rivista Italiana di Geopolitica

"State-Building in the Middle of a Geopolitical Struggle: The Cases of Ukraine, Moldova and Pridnestrovia is an excellent book featuring in-depth research on the state-building process in Ukraine, Moldova and Pridnestrovia in all respects. It sheds light on the phenomena of the statebuilding process within the wider historical, cultural, ethnic, linguistic and geographical context. Dromundo’s choice of an analytical framework that includes the trilateral dimensions of globalisation, geopolitics and local identities is a thought-provoking point of departure."—TUĞÇE YILDIZ, Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 72, Issue 8


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