Tackling Child Poverty in Latin America

Rights and Social Protection in Unequal Societies

Tackling Child Poverty in Latin America
Rights and Social Protection in Unequal Societies
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This book highlights current debates about concepts, methods, and policies related to poverty in Latin America. It focuses on child and adolescent well-being and the issue of inclusive societies. Its goal is to promote new and critical thinking about these issues globally and in Latin America. The authors clearly emphasize the need to develop new conceptual and practical avenues that can address the issues of poverty, marginalization, exclusion, and old and new inequalities in post-neoliberal times. The objective is to advance the rights of all children and adolescents in the region. This urgent book represents a unique opportunity for practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and students to get access to the most up-to-date key knowledge on child poverty and inequality from a conceptual and practical point of view.

About the author

Alberto Minujin is professor at the Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs (SGPIA), The New School, New York. He taught at the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, New York. He conducts research and teaches on the topics of children, human rights, poverty, equity as well as monitoring and evaluation, social research methods, social protection and budgeting. He is executive director of the New School program Equity for Children and of the Latin American initiative Equidad para la Infancia (www.equityforchildren.org and www.equidadparalainfancia.org). At The New School he also directs the International Summer Field Program in Argentina; is senior fellow of the Latin American Observatory (OLA); coordinates international conferences co-sponsored by SGPIA and UNICEF; and authors books on the topics of social policy and children. He is member of the Academic Board of the Comparative Research on Poverty (CROP) centre at the University of Bergen, Norway. He is professor at the University Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Argentina. Among others publications, Minujin was the editor and author of Global Child Poverty and Well-Being. Measurement, concepts, policy and action (Policy Press 2012), Child Poverty in East Asia and the Pacific: Deprivation and Disparities (UNICEF EAPRO 2011), and three recent books published by The New School.

Monica González Contró holds a PhD in Fundamental Rights from the Autonomous University of Madrid. She is a researcher at the Institute of Law Research at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), specializing in children’s rights; a professor at the Faculty of Law, UNAM; and the coordinator of a postgraduate program on the Right to Nondiscrimination. She is an honorary councilor of the Mexican National Human Rights Commission and of the Mexico City Human Rights Commission, and a member of the board of directors of Copred (Council for the Prevention of Discrimination in Mexico City) and of the Federal Legal Aid to Victims.

Raul Mercer MD MSc. Coordinator of the Program of Social Sciences and Health at FLACSO (Latin American School of Social Sciences). Researcher at CISAP (Center for Research in Population Health, Durand Hospital), Buenos Aires, Argentina. Academic Coordinator of the International Course of Health Promotion (FLACSO). Member of the Latin American Initiative of Child Rights and Health.