The Auschwitz Concentration Camp

History, Biographies, Remembrance

The Auschwitz Concentration Camp
History, Biographies, Remembrance
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This book on the Auschwitz Concentration Camp provides a chronological account from the camp's beginning in 1940 right up to its liberation in January 1945, and beyond. Chris Webb manages to find a balance between detailing the sufferings of the victims and the actions, characters, and fates of the perpetrators. He gives, in a concise form, a thorough and deeply disturbing overview of all aspects of Auschwitz and its many satellite camps. In addition, the book contains a vast collection of photographs and documents, some of them never shown in public before. It ends with the 2017 recollections by students who visited Auschwitz from Teesside University.

About the author

Chris Webb has been researching the Holocaust for over forty-five years. He made his mark by the publication of his remembrance trilogy on the Aktion Reinhardt camps, i.e. Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor.

In recent years, he has founded a number of Holocaust websites, such as the Holocaust Historical Society, the Holocaust Education and Archive Research Team. He was also involved in the BBC program Auschwitz – The Nazis and the Final Solution in 2005 and a number of other Holocaust-related documentaries, and has donated images from his extensive private archive.

He has lectured in a number of universities and given talks at Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations for well over ten years. He has guided study groups in Auschwitz and the former Krakow ghetto and other Holocaust sites in Poland.

Webb is also a Research Associate for the Centre of Fascist, Anti-Fascist, and Post-Fascist Studies at Teesside University, and is a member of the Tiergarten4Association e.V. in Berlin.

He is married with one daughter and lives in Hampshire.
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Stimmen zum Buch

“The book will be useful for both those coming to the Holocaust for the first time and those seasoned researchers like myself, who have read many books on Auschwitz. Although the number of existing published works on Auschwitz is vast, this book on the Auschwitz Concentration Camp is a very worthy addition to the bibliography of one of the most important camps established by the Nazis.”—Cameron Munro, Co-Founder of Tiergartenstrasse4Association e.V.

“Chris Webb is a public historian in the true meaning of the word. He shares his enormous knowledge with everyone, he publishes a lot: Not in an ivory tower but as someone who really knows what people want to know. His book was shaped by vast studies he undertook, by field trips, by interviews with survivors and students. This book will be a much valued addition to the knowledge about one of the most horrific crimes in the history of humankind.”—Robert Parzer, Co-Founder of the EU project


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