The Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in Russia. Philosophical, Legal, and Empirical Studies

The Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in Russia. Philosophical, Legal, and Empirical Studies
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In 1996, the Russian Federation became a member of the Council of Europe. Two years later, the Russian parliament ratified the Council’s major document—the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). These papers were presented at a conference at Yekaterinburg in spring 2001. The collection represents a snapshot of Russian and Western approaches to human rights protection at a moment when Russia was going through an adaptation of the political system created by Boris Yeltsin to the new modes of state-society relations being introduced by Vladimir Putin. Contents: Sergey Alexeyev on human rights and Modernity; Rainer Arnold on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights; Valery Mikhailenko on ethnic separatism; Julia Kharlamova on the impossibility of an ECHR-implementation in Russia; Yekaterina Khodzhayeva on human rights discourses in Tatarstan’s mass media; Anatoly Azarov on the Russians’ knowledge about the ECHR; Manja Hussner on the incorporation of international treaties into Russian law; Marat Salikov on the Constitutional Court; Anton Burkov on the detention of mentally ill persons; Igor Shirmanov on ambiguities in Russian legal norms; Olga Selikhova on human rights issues in the regions; Olga Aleksenko on the Human Rights Commission of Rostov; Yelena Goncharova on the right to a fair trial; Tatyana Gladkova on the Sverdlovsk Oblast Ombudsman; Andrey Lyamzin on Yekaterinburg’s detention system; Andreas Umland with Oxana Stouppo on Western policies towards Russia.

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Andreas Umland, CertTransl (Leipzig), MA (Stanford), MPhil (Oxford), DipPolSci, DrPhil (FU Berlin) was a visiting fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution in 1997-99, and Harvard’s Weatherhead Center in 2001-02. He taught at Yekaterinburg’s Urals State University and Urals Law Academy in 1999-2001, and Kyiv’s Shevchenko University in 2002-03. Since January 2004, he has been a temporary lecturer in Russian and East European Studies at St. Antony’s College Oxford.


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