The Life and Work of Semen L. Frank

A Study of Russian Religious Philosophy

The Life and Work of Semen L. Frank
A Study of Russian Religious Philosophy
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Semen Frank is one of the most interesting and exciting pre-revolutionary Russian religious philosophers to be “rediscovered” after the fall of the Soviet Union. His involvement in Russian pre-revolutionary political and academic life brought Frank into contact with an imaginative, progressive and idealistic group of thinkers whose ranks he then joined. Like Nicholas Berdyaev and Fr. Sergei Bulgakov, Frank put forward his own philosophical views about their world, which was in upheaval, and about human nature. After emigration from the then young Soviet Union, Frank continued to produce his impressive body of work. His ideas are remarkable for their considered, moderate and tolerant nature. This book is a contribution to the ever-growing body of scholarship, which strives to connect Russian thought to its contemporary Western context and continues to facilitate the revival of these fascinating thinkers. In addition to situating Frank’s thought in a Western context, this work seeks to provide an overview of his thought, and introduce his key arguments to those unfamiliar with Russian religious philosophy.

About the author

The author:

Stephanie Solywoda, BA (Smith College), MPhil, DPhil (Ox-ford) is the 2008-2009 Max Hayward Fellow in Russian Literature at St. Antony’s College Oxford.

The author of the foreword:

Dr Phillip Walters is the editor of the journal Religion, State and Society, and based at Oxford, UK.


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