The Rise of Autobiographical Medical Poetry and the Medical Humanities

The Rise of Autobiographical Medical Poetry and the Medical Humanities
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In this fascinating book, Johanna Emeney examines the global proliferation of new poetry related to illness and medical treatment from the perspective of doctors, patients, and carers in light of the growing popularity of the medical humanities. She provides a close analysis of poetry from New Zealand, the USA, and the UK that deals with sociological and philosophical aspects of sickness, ailment, medical treatment, care, and recuperation.

About the author

Johanna Emeney, PhD, works as a tutor of Creative Writing at Massey University in Auckland and as co-facilitator of the Michael King Young Writers’ Programme for senior school students. Emeney read English Literature and Japanese at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Two books of poetry: Apple & Tree (Cape Catley, 2011) and Family History (Makaro Press, 2017).
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“This book succeeds magnificently in illuminating an important slice of the work of a group of contemporary New Zealand poets, of challenging the disparaging views of some of their reviewers, and, most importantly, of adding another volume of fine poetry to their number. The whole book is written with subtlety and lightness of touch, yet a sharply persuasive edge. It draws attention to a topic of great social importance: the need for modern medicine to treat not just the disease, but the whole person, and for medical professionals to find creative ways to communicate with their patients in the most humane ways possible.”—Mike Hanne, Associate Professor at Auckland University, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

"Johanna Emeney's The Rise of Autobiographical Medical Poetry will be recognised as a tour-de-force in disability studies, for it combines a sure grasp of poetic discourse with a comprehensive understanding of how the confluence between the two is nourished and enlivened through successive generations of poets, doctors, and patients. If the shamans of old were known to be poet-doctors, then Emeney must be understood as their griot in modern guise. She writes everything with lucidity and deep compassion."—Professor Ato Quayson, University of Toronto, Author of Aesthetic Nervousness: Disability and the Crisis of Representation, and Oxford Street, Accra: City Life and the Itineraries of Transnationalism

“Emeney’s skill in using close reading to reveal the compelling emotional machinery of the poetry is evident.”—Thom Conroy, Senior Lecturer, Massey School of English & Media Studies; Author of The Naturalist

“[This book] offers sound scholarship and close readings, contextualized through theoretical and sociological materials, and humanizing conclusions that democratize questions of the lyric voice, questioning where authority lies in medicalized experiences. This will be a compelling landmark in the study of New Zealand’s poetry as well as within the broader field of medical poetry.”—H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Andy C. Brown, University of Exeter, 08/2018

“Throughout Emeney’s argument, we understand that autobiographical poetry is able to illuminate the realities of lived experience. It closes the gap between the life-world and biomedical-world, assisting in the negotiation of the clinical interaction by removing tacit borders and divisions.”—Modern Philology, volume 117, number 2


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