The Ukrainian Mentality

An Ethno-Psychological, Historical, and Comparative Exploration

The Ukrainian Mentality
An Ethno-Psychological, Historical, and Comparative Exploration
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Alexander Strashny examinines what defines Ukrainians as a people and makes them tick. Based on an analysis of Ukraine’s history, everyday life, economy, military affairs, gender, religion, art, music, and other cultural aspects, the Strashny, a trained psychoanlyst and prolific author, outlines those psychological features of Ukrainians that define them as a distinctive nation. Upon examining similarities and differences between Ukrainians and Europeans, on the one hand, and Russians, on the other, the author singles out the fifty most salient features of the Ukrainian outlook, whose combination constitutes the essence of the Ukrainian mentality. The book explains how the population of a relatively small country successfully resists a more powerful and ruthless aggressor.

About the author

Dr. Alexander Strashny studied psychiatry and psychology in Kyiv. He is Head of the Institute of Biosuggestive Therapy and a member of the Ukrainian Writers Association. His many books include Der Kleine Heilpraktiker (Südwest-Verlag 2010), Manuel Familial des Médecines Alternatives (Medicis 2006), and Il Manuale delle Medicine Alternative (De Vecchi 2007).

Dr. Antonina Lovochkina is Professor of Social Work at the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv.
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“After reading the manuscript, I developed sympathy for Ukraine and an interest to learn more about its citizens.”

—Agnes Laczkone, Professor of Political Science, University of Pecs


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