Theories about and Strategies against Hegemonic Social Sciences

Theories about and Strategies against Hegemonic Social Sciences
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This innovative book provides new perspectives on the globalization of knowledge and the notion of hegemonic sciences. Tying together contributions of authors from all across the world, it challenges existing theories of hegemonic sciences and sheds new light on how they have been and are being constructed. Examining more closely the notions of 'human rights' and 'individualization', this much-needed volume offers new and alternative ideas on how to transform the universalization of the Western model of science and can serve as an eye-opener for all those interested in non-hegemonic scientific discourse. This book is published within the Series 'Beyond the Social Sciences'.

About the author

Michael Kuhn is president of the World Social Sciences and Humanities Network and director of Knowwhy Global Research.
Shujiro Yazawa is a professor of Sociology at Faculty of Social Innovation, Seijo University in Tokyo.
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"An invaluable step forward for every social scientist."-Tomiyuki Uesugi, Director of the Center for Glocal Studies (CGS), Seijo University, Tokyo


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Autor/-in Tomiyuki Uesugi, Léon-Marie Ndjodo, Michael Kuhn, Kazumi Okamoto, Kwang-Yeong Shin, Shujiro Yazawa, Doris Weidemann, Sujata Patel, Hebe Vessuri, Kumaran Rajagopal, Sang-Jin Han, , Guimei Bai, Lei Tang, Young-Hee Shim
Herausgeber/-in Michael Kuhn, Shujiro Yazawa, Michael Kuhn, Hebe Vessuri, Shujiro Yazawa
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