Ukraine’s Euromaidan

Analyses of a Civil Revolution

Ukraine’s Euromaidan
Analyses of a Civil Revolution
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The papers presented in this volume analyze the civil uprising known as Euromaidan that began in central Kyiv in late November 2013, when the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych opted not to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union, and continued over the following months. The topics include the motivations and expectations of protesters, organized crime, nationalism, gender issues, mass media, the Russian language, and the impact of Euromaidan on Ukrainian politics as well as on the EU, Russia, and Belarus. The goal of the book is less to offer a definitive account than one that represents a variety of aspects of a mass movement that captivated world attention and led to the downfall of the Yanukovych presidency. The authors comprise well known and younger scholars who work on contemporary Ukraine and its neighbors.

About the author

David R. Marples is Distinguished University Professor, Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta, Canada, and author of fifteen single-authored books on Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

Frederick V. Mills is a PhD Candidate in the Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta, Canada.
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Stimmen zum Buch

"Mills and Marples [...] provide fascinating analysis and excellent multifaceted studies of the many different aspects of the Euromaidan revolution."
—Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 22:4 (2016)

"This volume successfully provides a very powerful sociological analysis about what was really going on in that square: people’s motivations, thoughts, aims, enthusiasms and hopes for changing the system. What is crucial regarding this book is the data the authors collected about the views of protesters on many diverse issues."
—Europe-Asia Studies, 68:8 (2016)


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Herausgeber/-in David Marples, Frederick Mills
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