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The Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society (JSPPS) is a new bi-annual journal that was launched in April 2015 as a companion journal to the Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society book series (founded 2004 and edited by Andreas Umland, Dr. phil., PhD). Like the book series, the journal will provide an interdisciplinary forum for new original research on the Soviet and post-Soviet world. The journal aims to become known for publishing creative, intelligent, and lively writing tackling and illuminating significant issues and capable of engaging wider educated audiences beyond the academy.

All articles submitted to the journal undergo double-blind peer review by at least two referees.

  • JSPPS Editorial Team und Advisory Board
  • Call for papers

General Editor:

Julie Fedor, University of Melbourne


Andrey Makarychev, University of Tartu

Consulting Editor:

Andreas Umland, Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, Kyiv


Julie Fedor is Senior Lecturer in Modern European History at the University of Melbourne. In 2010-13, she was a postdoctoral researcher on the Memory at War project based in the Department of Slavonic Studies at the University of Cambridge ( She has taught modern Russian history at the Universities of Birmingham, Cambridge, Melbourne, and St Andrews. She is the author of Russia and the Cult of State Security (Routledge, 2011); co-author of Remembering Katyn (Polity, 2012); and co-editor of Memory and Theory in Eastern Europe (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2013); Memory, Conflict and New Media: Web Wars in Post-Socialist States (Routledge, 2013); and War and Memory in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).


Andrey Makarychev is Guest Professor of Government and Politics at the University of Tartu, Estonia. His areas of expertise include Russia’s neighborhood policies and EU-Russia studies. He teaches courses in Foreign Policy Analysis, Globalization, Regionalism and Integration in EU-Russia Common Neighbourhood. His record of previous institutional affiliations includes George Mason University (Fairfax, VA), Center for Conflict Studies (ETH, Zurich), Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS), Institute for East European Studies (Free University of Berlin, Alexander von Humboldt research fellowship) and Nizhny Novgorod Linguistic University. He co-edited the book Changing Political and Economic Regimes in Russia (Routledge, 2013), and authored a monograph Russia and the EU in a Multipolar World: Discourses, Identities, Norms (ibidem, 2014) and has also published numerous articles in Global Governance, International Spectator, Problems of Post-Communism, Demokratizatsiya, Journal of International Relations and Development, Cooperation and Conflict, Europe-Asia Studies, Journal of Eurasian Studies, Turkish Foreign Policy Review, and other international peer-reviewed journals, as well as book chapters in edited volumes published by Ashgate, Palgrave Macmillan, Nomos, and others.


Andreas Umland (, CertTransl (Leipzig), AM (Stanford), MPhil (Oxford), DipPolSci, DrPhil (FU Berlin), PhD (Cambridge) is a researcher of contemporary Russian and Ukrainian politics with a focus on the post-Soviet extreme right, at the National University of ‘Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’ (, and the Eichstaett Institute for Central and East European Studies ( He is also initiator and co-director of a Master’s program in German and European Studies administered jointly by Kyiv’s Mohyla Academy and Jena’s Schiller University (


Advisory Board

JSPPS Advisory Board

Hannes Adomeit, College of Europe, Natolin

Timofey Agarin, Queen's University, Belfast

Mikhail Alexseev, San Diego State University, CA

Catherine Andreyev, University of Oxford

Anne Applebaum, The Legatum Institute, London

Anders Åslund, Peterson Inst. for International Economics

Margarita Balmaceda, Seton Hall University, NJ

Harley Balzer, Georgetown University, DC

John Barber, University of Cambridge

Timm Beichelt, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Mark R. Beissinger, Princeton University, NJ

Thomas Bohn, Justus Liebig University, Giessen

Giovanna Brogi, University of Milan

Paul Chaisty, University of Oxford

Vitaly Chernetsky, University of Kansas, Lawrence

Ariel Cohen, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, MD

Timothy J. Colton, Harvard University, MA

Peter J.S. Duncan, University College London

John B. Dunlop, Stanford University, CA

Gerald M. Easter, Boston College, MA

Alexander Etkind, European University Institute, Florence

M. Steven Fish, University of California at Berkeley

Gasan Gusejnov, Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Nikolas K. Gvosdev, U.S. Naval War College, RI

Michael Hagemeister, Ruhr University, Bochum

Stephen E. Hanson, College of William & Mary, VA

Olexiy Haran, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Nicolas Hayoz, University of Fribourg

Andreas Heinemann-Grüder, University of Bonn

Stephen Hutchings, University of Manchester, UK

Stefani Hoffman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mikhail Ilyin, Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Wilfried Jilge, University of Basel

Markku Kangaspuro, University of Helsinki

Adrian Karatnycky, Atlantic Council, New York

Andrei Kazantsev, MGIMO, Moscow

Jeffrey Kopstein, University of Toronto

Hrant Kostanyan, Centre for European Policy Studies

Paul Kubicek, Oakland University, MI

Walter Laqueur, Georgetown University, DC

Marlene Laruelle, George Washington University, DC

Carol Leonard, Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Leonid Luks, The Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt

Luke March, University of Edinburgh

Mykhailo Minakov, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Olga Onuch, University of Manchester

Mitchell Orenstein, Northeastern University, MA

Nikolay Petrov, Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Andriy Portnov, Humboldt University, Berlin

Serhii Plokhii, Harvard University, MA

Alina Polyakova, Atlantic Council, DC

Maria Popova, McGill University, Montreal

Alex Pravda, University of Oxford

Mykola Riabchuk, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kyiv

Per Anders Rudling, Lund University

Ellen Rutten, University of Amsterdam

Jutta Scherrer, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris

Dieter Segert, University of Vienna

Anton Shekhovtsov, The Legatum Institute, London

Oxana Shevel, Tufts University, MA

Stephen Shulman, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Valerie Sperling, Clark University, MA

Susan Stewart, SWP, Berlin

Lisa M. Sundstrom, University of British Columbia

Mark Tauger, West Virginia University, Morgantown

Vera Tolz-Zilitinkevic, University of Manchester

Amir Weiner, Stanford University

Sarah Whitmore, Oxford Brookes University, UK

Andrew Wilson, University College London

Christian Wipperfürth, DGAP, Berlin

Andreas Wittkowsky, ZIF, Berlin

Jan Zielonka, University of Oxford


Call for papers

We invite the submission of proposals for guest-edited special thematic issues and for individual articles.

 Abstracts (300 words) of proposed articles should be sent to the General Editor. Submissions are accepted in English.

 Find the JSPPS Style Guide here (PDF).


Contact the Editors

Julie Fedor (General Editor): julie.fedor(at), reviews.jspps(at)

Andrey Makarychev: andrey.makarychev(at)

Andreas Umland (Consulting Editor): andreas.umland(at)

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