Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society


Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society
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SPECIAL SECTION: ISSUES IN THE HISTORY AND MEMORY OF THE OUN V YULIYA YURCHUK, ANDREAS UMLAND: Introduction: New Studies on the Record and Remembrance of the OUN(b) in World War II OLEKSANDR MELNYK: Ukrainian Nationalism, Soviet Power, and Legitimacy Contests in the Kyiv Region, 1941–44: Actors, Issues, and Interpretations PER A. RUDLING:Managing Memory in Post-Soviet Ukraine: From “Scientific Marx-ism-Leninism” to the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, 1991–2019 A DEBATE ON “USTASHISM,” GENERIC FASCISM, AND THE OUN II Featuring contributions by OMER BARTOV, JOHN-PAUL HIMKA, SERHIY KVIT, OLEKSANDR PAHIRIA, ANDREAS UMLAND, YULIYA YURCHUK ARTICLES MISCHA GABOWITSCH: What Has Happened to Soviet War Memorials since 1989/91? An Overview IGOR ILJUSHIN: “A Strong History for a Strong Nation:” A Review Essay on Roman Ponomarenko’s SS Galician Volunteer Regiments (1943–44) REVIEWS TATIANA KLEPIKOVA on Emily Channell-Justice; IVAN KURILLA on Mark Edele; ANASTASIA MITROFANOVA on Fabrizio Fenghi; THIJS KORSTEN on Krista A. Goff; ADRIEN NONJON on Robert Horvath; ROBERT F. BAUMANN on Shoshana Keller; ELISE WESTIN on Oksana Kis; STANISLAV PANIN on Keith A. Livers; MICHEL ANDERLINI on Erica Marat; JUHO KORHONEN on Aliide Naylor; NICK BAIGENT on Maya K. Peterson; AIJAN SHARSHENOVA on Peter Rollberg and Marlene Laruelle; KACPER WAŃCZYK on Adnan Vanatsever; A. K. MAGOMEDOV and A. I. EMELIANOV on Evgenii Vittenberg

About the author

Julie Fedor is Senior Lecturer in Modern European History at the University of Melbourne.


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Autor/-in Omer Bartov, Kvit Sergiy, John-Paul Himka, Oleksandr Melnyk, Sergiy Illiushin, Mischa Gabowitsch, Per Anders Rudling, Oleksandr Pahiria
Herausgeber/-in Julie Fedor, Andrey Makarychev, Andreas Umland, Yulia Yurchuk
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