Bohdan Harasymiw

Dr. Bohdan Harasymiw is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Calgary and formerly (2013–2016) coordinator of the Program on Contemporary Ukraine at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies of the University of Alberta. In 1980–1981, he was President of the Canadian Association of Slavists. His previous books include Leadership Selection and Patron-Client Relations in the USSR and Yugoslavia (with T.H. Rigby; Unwin Hyman 1983), Political Elite Recruitment in the Soviet Union (Palgrave Macmillan 1984), Soviet Communist Party Officials (Nova Science 1996), Post-Communist Ukraine (CIUS Press 2002), and Aspects of the Orange Revolution II (co-edited with O.S. Ilnytzkyj; ibidem-Verlag 2007). Harasymiw’s articles have been published in the Canadian Journal of Political Science, Studies in Comparative Communism, Journal of Communist Studies, Canadian Slavonic Papers, American Review of Canadian Studies, Nationalities Papers as well as in other periodicals.