Martin Hayes

Sudeshna Chatterjee has worked in the international development field for nearly twenty years as a researcher, evaluator, and technical advisor for both non-governmental and UN agencies. She is a consultant to UNICEF, HQ and led the global evaluation of UNICEF’s work on children in cities. Dr. Chatterjee is also the founder and CEO of Action for Children’s Environments (ACE), a knowledge-based non-profit organization. She holds an interdisciplinary PhD intersecting policy, planning and design, environmental psychology, and cultural geography from North Carolina State University. Katie Hodgkinson is a Post-Graduate Researcher at the University of Leeds, working on the Changing the Story project. Her research focuses on arts-based non-formal education programs with young people in post-conflict countries, using a social justice lens to explore the relationship between formal and non-formal education as well as other processes and power dynamics embedded in programs. Katie has previously worked on research projects exploring the social exclusion of vulnerable young people and as part of the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance, funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Alberto Minujin is a professor at the Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs at The New School, with a special focus on topics related to social policy and children’s rights. He is the founder of Equity for Children and a member of the Observatory on Latin America at The New School. Minujin was awarded the Argentina Bicentennial Medal in recognition of his contributions to the fields of child rights and social policy. Professor Minujin is the author of many books, articles, and papers about child rights, social policy, and the middle class.