Our varied program includes monographs, textbooks, conference proceedings, and text editions in many disciplines. A special focus of ours is on Eastern European research with our highly acclaimed series Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society (SPPS) and its sister journal JSPPS as well as the journal FORUM, supplemented by the series Ukrainian Voices, Studies on the History of Ideas, Culture and Chronicle and Literature and Culture in Middle and Eastern Europe (LuK). We are also strongly represented in Romance studies with our series Romanic Languages and their Didactics (RomSD) and its sister journal ZRomSD as well as the series French Didactics in Dialog (FDD) and Italian Didactics in Dialog (IDD). The focus in the field of English language and literature is on the series Studies in English Literatures (SEL) and the still young series Studies in World Literature (SWL) and Samuel Beckett in Company (SBC). We invite you to browse through our publishing program—there you will find, for instance, amongst other fascinating publications, a first publication of letters of Albert Einstein, essays on Orhan Pamuk, an autobiographic account of a Latvian-American who decided to live in Soviet-occupied Latvia and experienced the end of the Soviet Union there, or a Foreigner's Guide to German Universities. If you're looking for autobiographies, poetry, and fiction, you will find gems in our Edition Noëma.