A Brief Modern Chinese History

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A Brief Modern Chinese History

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This book is part of an initiative in cooperation with renowned Chinese publishers to make fundamental, formative, and influential Chinese thinkers available to a western readership, providing absorbing insights into Chinese reflections of late. Haipeng Zhang and Jinyi Zhai provide us with a history of China's struggle for national independence and prosperity, reflecting the “humiliation” in the “sinking” period and the “struggle” during the “rising” period. After the Japanese aggressions against China had caused more damage to China than all previous invasions, Chinese society not only avoided the continued "sinking", but also laid the foundation for China's modernization and the recent success story to the present day.
The author

About the author

Haipeng Zhang, born in 1939, graduated from the Department of History of Wuhan University in August 1964. He entered the Institute of Modern History of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and served as researcher since 1990. Since 2006, he serves as Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). He also was President of the Chinese History Society and President of the China Sun Yat-sen Institute. He is editor-in-chief of the 10 volumes of Modern Chinese History, author of A Study of the Pursuit of the Historical Process of Modern China, The Research on the Basic Problems of Chinese Modern History, Research on Modern Chinese History and many other publications.

Jinyi Zhai holds a PhD in history. He entered the Modern History Department of the Graduate School of the CASS in 2008 and received a master's degree in 2016. From 2011 to 2013, he worked for China Social Science Magazine. In September 2013, he enrolled in the Modem History Department of the Graduate School of CASS and received a doctorate in June 2016. His doctoral thesis won the second prize for excellent doctoral theses of CASS. Now, Jinyi Zhai is lecturer in Chinese People's Public Security University. He has participated in the National Qing History compilation project "The Qing Dynasty constitutionalism Movement" document reorganization project. He has also published many articles in periodicals like History of China Frontier Research, Historical Archives, Guangdong Social Sciences, Research of History of Taiwan, China, etc.
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Author Haipeng Zhang, Jinyi Zhai, Zhen Chi
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