Year of the Earth Serpent Changing Colors. A Novel.

An Anti-Marco Polo Voyage to Cathay

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Year of the Earth Serpent Changing Colors. A Novel.
An Anti-Marco Polo Voyage to Cathay

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The whole Communist world is in the middle of a democratic revolution. Hall Gardner’s novel depicts the protests taking place prior to the June 1989 Tiananmen Square repression—a subject still taboo in China. Hired to teach English, Mylex H. Galvin records his experience in his “Anti-Marco Polo” journal after he meets expats from around the world, while trying to come to grips with the Chinese language, history, and politics. Galvin becomes disillusioned with the poverty and environmental destruction that he finds in China; his barefoot doctor heroes are not capable of treating AIDS; Chinese and African students clash in Nanjing—with no sense of international solidarity. As the democracy movement heats up, he is torn between the love of Tao Baiqing, a Daoist, and Mo Li, a student of English Lit, and unwittingly betrays the ties between the journalist, Hayford, and the democracy activist, Chia Pao-yu—accused of leaking “top secrets” to Hayford. As Galvin studies China’s relations with the Western world since Marco Polo, with emphasis on the “hundred years of humiliation,” he becomes haunted by nightmares of a “clash of civilizations” and warns against a coming Apocalyptic Color War between the Balding Eagle and the Chinese Dragon—as the latter transmogrifies from Red into shades of Red-Brown-Black.

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About the author

Hall Gardner is Full Professor in the Department of History and Politics and former Chair of the Department of International Politics from Spring 1992 to Spring 2019 at the American University of Paris, France. His publications include: Toward an Alternative Transatlantic Strategy: Biden, the EU, and the ‘new’ Multilateralism (2022); IR Theory, Historical Analogy, and Major Power War (2019); World War Trump: The Risks of America’s New Nationalism (2018); American Global Strategy and the "War on Terrorism" (2005/2013); and The Wake-Up Blast: Thirty Years of Poetic Protest (2008).


"Hall Gardner has given us a timely and compelling narrative of two civilizations as the world witnesses rising Chinese power. A magnificent achievement."

- Matthew Fraser, author of In Truth: A History of Lies from Ancient Rome to Modern America

"Hall Gardner, a prominent professor at the American University of Paris whose prolific writings on international relations range widely across the past and present, has drawn on his personal experiences teaching in China in 1988-1989 to produce an interesting hybrid volume.A mixture of memoir and a somewhat autobiographical novel, his book also seeks to analyze China’s internal policies and its relations with the rest of the world, and suggest remedies for the ever-growing tensions between China and the West."

Priscilla Roberts, City University of Macau
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