War of Songs

Popular Music and Recent Russia-Ukraine Relations

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War of Songs
Popular Music and Recent Russia-Ukraine Relations

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This multi-authored monograph consists of the sections: “Pop Rock, Ethno-Chaos, Battle Drums, and a Requiem: The Sounds of the Ukrainian Revolution”, “The Euromaidan’s Aftermath and the Genre of Answer Song: A Musical Dialogue Between the Antagonists?”, “Exposing the Fault Lines beneath the Kremlin’s Restorative Geopolitics: Russian and Ukrainian Parodies of the Russian National Anthem”, “‘Lasha Tumbai’, or ‘Russia, Goodbye’? The Eurovision Song Contest as a Post-Soviet Geopolitical Battleground”, and “(Post-)Soviet Rock Soundtracks the Donbas Conflict”.
The author

About the author

Arve Hansen is a doctoral student of Russian at the UiT – the Arctic University of Norway.

Dr. Andrei Rogatchevski is Professor of Russian Literature and Culture at the UiT – the Arctic University of Norway.

Dr. Yngvar Steinholt is Associate Professor of Russian at the UiT – the Arctic University of Norway.

Dr. David-Emil Wickström is Professor of Popular Music History at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim, Germany.

The author of the foreword:

Artemy Troitsky is a prominent music critic and author of Back in the USSR: The True Story of Rock in Russia (1987), Tusovka: Who’s Who in the New Soviet Rock Culture (1990), and Subkultura: Stories of Youth and Resistance in Russia, 1815-2017 (2017).


“With attention to Euromaidan and Crimea alone, it is clear that the relationship between Russia and Ukraine has become increasingly tense (and perilous) over the course of the past decade. Understanding that these tensions and conflicts occur not only on geopolitical but on cultural levels as well, War of Songs is an important and essential contribution to the analysis of this ongoing, often violent struggle. Featuring works by some of the leading scholars in the realm of Post-Soviet Studies, and engaging a wide range of locations, genres, and dynamics the volume is a significant addition to the literature on the intimate relationship between popular music and politics.”—Stephen Amico, Associate Professor of Music, University of Bergen

“War of Songs brings original insight into the tensions and conflicts between Russia and Ukraine in recent years by tracing how they have been played out not only in political discourse and military battle but also in popular culture. Drawing on ethnographic field research, analysis of music, lyrics and videos, and setting popular cultural production in the context of the contemporary political context, the volume provides a valuable, critical contribution to our understanding of one of the major international conflicts of the last decade.”—Hilary Pilkington, Professor of Sociology, University of Manchester

"Although this volume only explores four ways in which the Russia–Ukraine conflict has altered popular musical relations between the two countries for the foreseeable future, its detailed illustrations help to explain why the rupture cuts so deep."—CATHERINE BAKER, Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 72, Issue 8

"A War of Songs is a thoroughly informative and readable account of “how popular music plays an active part in every aspect of the discourse surrounding the Russo-Ukrainian crisis” with the capacity “to stimulate reflection and enable debates, as well as stage mere clashes of opinion” (199, 200). The index of music videos with YouTube links invites readers to listen to these songs along with the authors as they make their case for the patriotic and revolutionary power of music."—Ivan Raykoff, Slavic Review, Vol. 79

"Despite its title, A War of Songs skirts the topic, while possibly hinting, by virtue of its very conceptual framing, that the Russo-Ukrainian war was being waged in the cultural space long before it materialized as an actual military conflict. The book does examine the songs contemporary with the conflict, particularly in its second chapter."—I. Shuvalova, Slavonic and East European Review (vol. 99, no. 2, April 2021)
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Author Andrei Rogatchevski, Yngvar B. Steinholt, Arve Hansen, David-Emil Wickström, Troitsky Artemy
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