How do I become an ibidem author?

You can contact us with your publication project idea via E-Mail, on the telephone, or via mail. You can find our contact details here.

Please submit either a full book proposal or a manuscript draft including a short synopsis of your publication. Our editorial team will assess your materials confidentially and without any obligation on your part. Should the project be a good fit for ibidem's list, we will commission external peer reviews before deciding on a publication offer.

What type of publications are eligible for publication with ibidem?

We specialize in monographs, edited collections, textbooks, and dissertations with a high scientific standard. Our program is hoping to enrich academic discourses in the social sciences, the humanities, and selected natural sciences.

We aspire to not only provide a valuable platform for academic literature suitable for a general readership but also to make niche topics accessible to a wider public. Our list thus contains highly specialized textbooks as well as science biographies or translations of medieval literature. For us the most important factor when deciding on publication offers is the quality of the work.

We also publish a small number of fiction titles under the prestigious imprint Edition Noëma.

Our book series

What book series does ibidem publish?

You can find a full list of all our book series when clicking on 'Series' in the left hand column of the ibidem homepage.

What difference does it make to publish as part of a series?

The book series are a central part of our publication program. They are firmly established as part of the scientific discourse in their respective fields, and new titles in a series will automatically benefit from their excellent reputation and reach. The content strategy of our series is shaped by our renowned series editors. All our book series are available on a subscription basis and receive a highly targeted marketing treatment.

How can I publish my manuscript in an existing ibidem book series?

The development of the content of our book series lies within the responsibilities of the series editors. If you are interested in publishing within one of our series, please say so in your proposal or manuscript submission. We will share your material with the series editor in question and inform you of the outcome as soon as possible.

What conditions does ibidem offer for book publications?

ibidem's policies are designed to facilitate publication to the highest academic standards while offering our authors the best possible conditions.

  • At proposal stage all our titles go through a double blind peer review.
  • After publication you receive two to five author copies for free. The exact amount depends on the format of your publication.
  • All authors receive royalties on sales.
  • Our marketing team will send your book to relevant journals and other media for review requests and provide promotional material in both print and electronic form.
  • Every ibidem book author who is an European citizen or holds residence within the EU has the option of claiming an one-off royalty payment from the German copyright licensing agency VG Wort (www.vgwort.de). Currently the VG Wort payment stands at € 880,00 for books with a page range between 102 and 300 pages and is paid in the month of June following the year after publication.

What are the benefits from publishing with ibidem?

  • We offer all of our authors thorough editorial guidance, supporting you every step of the way. From editorial feedback at proposal, writing, and revisal stage to technical support during layout and formatting—it is our ambition to create the best publication possible.
  • Our books are produced to the highest quality standards, using acid-free paper and the best materials available.
  • We work closely with our authors on the cover design of our books. If you have specific ideas concerning the best look for your cover, we will be glad to incorporate them as much as possible.
  • ibidem guarantee of availability: As long as the rights of your book remain with us, your book will never be out of print. We automatically facilitate any necessary reprints at our cost.
  • Our books are stored at the biggest European wholesalers such as KNV, Libri, and Umbreit and can be ordered with 24h-delivery to most bookshops. Even before publication date your book will be ready to order on amazon and other online bookstores. In North America we benefit from the great reach of Columbia University Press.

What other publication options can ibidem offer?

If you have any special requests for your publication, there is a range of things we can help you with. Our author support team will be glad to support you with any extras you may need.

Below are just a few examples of add-ons we can facilitate. Please do not hesitate to ask should you have any other requirements.

  • Special editions bound in leather or linen
  • Combination of different publication formats
  • Added CDs or DVDs
  • Color printing
  • Special printing paper

Publication Roadmap

What steps are involved in the publication process?

If you would like to offer your book or journal for publication through ibidem, the process starts with the filling in of our proposal guidelines. Once submitted, all book proposals are assessed by one of our editors. Should we think that your proposed book or journal could be a good fit for ibidem, we will commission a round of external peer reviews. Depending on the outcome of the reviews, we may ask for a final version of the book proposal to be prepared, incorporating the reviewers' suggestions.

The final proposal is then taken to the editorial board's bi-weekly meetings. If approved, we will then send the author/editor a formal publication offer and a contract draft, which, all being well, needs to be signed and sent back to us. Your book will then receive an ISBN and be ready for pre-order immediately.

After submission of the final manuscript, we create a fully layouted proof, a cover design, and a marketing blurb as well as other PR material in close collaboration with the author/editor. The book then goes into production, during which time we start marketing your book to bookshops, libraries, and wholesalers.

As soon as the first copies are printed, you receive your free author copies and instructions on how to register with VG Wort, Germany's copyright licensing agency.

This is also the time when we get in touch with potential reviewers and relevant media outlets to inform them about your book and request coverage.

Do I have any input on the cover design?

It is important to us that you can fully identify with your publication. This is why we create our book covers in accordance with our authors' wishes and ideas. We welcome suggestions with regards to color scheme, font, and style and can include photographs and illustrations of your choice in the final design.

How quick is the production process?

After the final version of your manuscript is approved, the production of paperback editions can take as little as four to six weeks; hardcover editions need eight to ten weeks. If desired we can send pre-publication author copies in a matter of days, and we gladly facilitate the sending of press-proofs with special features like additional PR material. We keep to promised deadlines as a matter of principle and guarantee delivery of your book to any specific date you require.

What distribution channels does ibidem provide?

Our books are inventoried at the biggest European wholesalers such as KNV, Libri, and Umbreit and are thus normally available in every bookshop within one day. Your book is listed on amazon and other online bookstores and, of course, our own online shop. In North America we are represented by Columbia University Press, New York, which distributes our titles in North and South America, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand just like their own books.

What marketing and PR activities does ibidem offer?

We source valuable reviews of your books by sending review copies to suitable academic journals, general media, and specialty online outlets, always liaising with our authors for best results. Bookshops and libraries are regularly being informed of our new titles via newsletters, subject catalogs, and leaflets. We create individual promotional flyers for conferences, lectures, and trade fairs. Of course, your book will be listed in all our seasonal catalogs and promoted via our website.

One-off royalty from VG Wort

What is VG Wort?

Verwertungsgesellschaft (VG) Wort e.V. (www.vgwort.de) is the German copyright licensing agency.

If you register your claims with VG Wort in a timely fashion—and if you are a European citizen or hold residence within the EU—, you can expect the one-time payment "Tantieme" from VG Wort e.V., Munich, the exact amount of which changes year by year. During the most recent payout period, this payment stood at € 880,00 for an academic book with a page range between 102 and 300 pages.

VG Wort usually pays royalties at the end of June of the year following the respective book's publication year. Although the Tantieme payment is a one-time payment, it can be paid out in several payments due to legal reasons.

Important note: VG Wort is an organization completely independent and regulated by public law and has no connection to ibidem-Verlag or any of our offers. ibidem-Verlag cannot make any guarantees with regards to VG Wort. All information contained here regarding VG Wort are non-binding; for more information, please consult www.vgwort.de.