Publish with us

On this page you will find all the information you need if you are considering publishing with ibidem. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any further queries.

There are many advantages of publishing with us. We believe that the most important part of our work is to create and foster the best possible relationship with our authors and editors. It is this spirit of co-operation, we believe, that sets us apart.

We combine strong editorial support with the highest standards of production, marketing and distribution, encouraging our authors’ input at every juncture, for example when it comes to the cover design, which we always create in close consultation with the authors.

Our books come in a variety of formats, and we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable solution for your book in its intended market. Most of our titles are available as e-books on a large number of platforms and through EBSCO.

Best Quality and Support

  • ibidem offers you comprehensive, individual support throughout the whole publishing process, from proposal draft and peer review up to submission of the final draft.
  • Our books are produced to the highest standards. We print on acid-free paper to make sure your book can still be read in hundreds of years. We even offer linen and leather hardcover bindings and gladly fulfill requests for special editions and additions to the book.
  • We offer many choices beside the standard paperback, hardcover and e-book: DVD/CD-ROM or even microfiche can be arranged.
  • Guarantee of availability: As long as you leave the exclusive license to your book with us, it will stay in print. Any necessary re-prints are automatically done by us.
  • Worldwide distribution: We benefit from multiple distribution channels all around the world through our partner organizations. In the UK we are distributed by Gazelle Book Services, while in the US and Canada as well as Asia and South America we are proud to be represented through Columbia University Press.
  • Translation Management: If you are looking to get your title translated into foreign languages, we can facilitate foreign rights negotiations with destination publishers all over the world. Our authors benefit from our vast network of global partners and continuous presence at the biggest book fairs.

Our Book Series

ibidem publishes a variety of successful book series. If you think your manuscript would fit well into one of them, you are very welcome to submit a proposal either to our author support or to the editor directly.

Publishing as part of a book series has several advantages for you and your book:

  • You benefit from the series' reputation and existing subscriptions
  • All books within our series are promoted in each volume, attracting readers already interested in the topic area.
  • Promotional activities for the series at conferences and elsewhere benefit all series titles.

Poetry and Fiction

On our small, high-quality imprint Edition Noëma, we offer a platform for authors of fiction and poetry. If you are interested in having your manuscript reviewed for possible publication, please contact us for individual information.

Further information can be found on these pages, for individual support and information please contact our author assistance.