Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society

2015/2: Double Special Issue: Back from Afghanistan: The Experiences of Soviet Afghan War Veterans and: Martyrdom & Memory in Post-Socialist Space

Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society
2015/2: Double Special Issue: Back from Afghanistan: The Experiences of Soviet Afghan War Veterans and: Martyrdom & Memory in Post-Socialist Space

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Felix Ackermann and Michael Galbas:
Back from Afghanistan: Experiences of Soviet Afghan War Veterans in Transnational Perspective
Yaacov Ro'i:
The Varied Reintegration of Afghan War Veterans in Their Home Society
Markus Göransson:
A Fragile Movement: Afghan War Veterans and the Soviet Collapse in Tajikistan, 1979–92
Michael Galbas:
“Our Pain and Our Glory”: Strategies of Legitimization and Functionalization of the Soviet–Afghan War in the Russian Federation
Iryna Sklokina:
Veterans of the Soviet–Afghan War and the Ukrainian Nation-Building Project: From Perestroika to the Maidan and the War in the Donbas
Jan C. Behrends:
Post-Soviet Legacies of Afghanistan: A Comparative Perspective
Anna Reich:
Faces of the Lithuanian Afghanai


Uilleam Blacker and Julie Fedor:
Soviet and Post-Soviet Varieties of Martyrdom and Memory- full text open-access version

Jay Winter:
War and Martyrdom in the Twentieth Century and After
Uilleam Blacker:
Martyrdom, Spectacle, and Public Space in Ukraine: Ukraine’s National Martyrology from Shevchenko to the Maidan
Sander Brouwer:
The Eternal Martyr: Karen Shakhnazarov’s White Tiger as a
Cinematic Reflection on Russian Martyrdom

Maria Mälksoo:
In Search of a Modern Mnemonic Narrative of Communism: Russia’s Mnemopolitical Mimesis during the Medvedev Presidency
Iryna Starovoyt:
Holodomor, Amnesia, and Memory-(Re)Making in Post-War Ukrainian Literature and Film
Simon Lewis:
Overcoming Hegemonic Martyrdom: The Afterlife of Khatyn in Belarusian Memory

Review Essays:
De-Mythologizing Bandera by André Härtel, Yuri Radchenko, Oleksandr Zaitsev

Karen Petrone on Nataliya Danilova; Philipp Casula on Rodric BraithwaiteElena Rozhdestvenskaya on E. S. Seniavskaia;
Ivan Kurilla on Polly Jones;
Olga Sasunkevich on Violeta Davoliūtė;
Sergei Akopov on Olga Malinova

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Additional Information

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Author Felix Ackermann, Yaacan Ro´i, Markus Göransson, Iryna Sklokina, Uilleam Blacker, Julie Fedor, Jay Winter, Sander Brouwer, Maria Mälksoo, Iryna Starovoyt, Simon Lewis, Andre Härtel, Michael Galbas, Anna Reich
Editor Julie Fedor, Felix Ackermann, Uilleam Blacker, Andreas Umland, Michael Galbas
Number of pages 502
Language English
Publication date Oct 1, 2015
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ISSN 2364-5334
ISBN-13 1234567891012

DOI: 10.24216/97723645330050102_08 Open Access

Julie Fedor, Uilleam Blacker
Soviet and Post-Soviet Varieties of Martyrdom and Memory
25 Pages
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This essay explores the narratives of martyrdom connected to the history and memory of twentieth-century violence in Eastern Europe. The archetypal figure of the martyr offers a powerful vehicle for remembering the dead, and a potent tool for making and remaking identity, and especially for cultivating national myths. The language and imagery of martyrdom has long been a central part of the memory cultures of Eastern Europe, but in recent decades in particular it has undergone a striking revival. Images of martyrdom have proliferated especially since the beginning of the war in Ukraine in 2014, where they are being used to underpin territorial claims, calls for retribution, and new national myths. In this article, we examine a range of manifestations of this mode of remembering in Soviet and post-Soviet space. Our focus is on the distinctive forms which these martyrdom narratives take, and the ways in which these in turn are used to frame and shape identities.