Mind-Body Medicine in Inpatient Psychiatry

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Mind-Body Medicine in Inpatient Psychiatry

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David Tomasi presents new, groundbreaking research on the science and application of Mind-Body Medicine strategies to improve clinical outcomes in inpatient psychiatry settings. Much more than a list of therapeutic recommendations, this book is a thorough description of how Mind-Body Medicine can be successfully applied, from a therapeutic as well as from an organizational, cost-effective analysis viewpoint, to the full spectrum of psychiatric treatments. Furthermore, this study examines the role of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary treatment teams, with a special focus on the profession and the role of psychotherapists and group therapists, thereby providing solid scientific evidence of the benefits of patient-provider therapeutic alliances. In this sense, this book serves as a guide for professionals and institutions both in the private and the public sphere, to learn effective treatment and management strategies.
The author

About the author

Researcher, Licensed Psychologist, and Psychotherapist Dr. David Låg Tomasi is the author of Medical Philosophy (ibidem, 2016) and the co-author of Positive Patient Response to a Structured Exercise Program Delivered in Inpatient Psychiatry (Global Advances in Health and Medicine, 2019), the most-read research item from the University of Vermont (Researchgate, 2019). A member of several national and international Academies of Sciences, Dr. Tomasi works in the Inpatient Psychiatry Unit at the UVM Medical Center, and teaches at the University of Vermont and the Community College of Vermont.


“Dr. Tomasi’s book offers an insider’s view to a comprehensive integrative strategy to improve clinical outcomes in inpatient psychiatry. A seminal piece of work modeling a truly integrative approach to mental health. A must-read for all health-care providers wanting to implement a mind-body approach.”—Dr. Karen C. Westervelt, University of Vermont Integrative Health Education Director

“My hope is that this book opens further doors of fostering change in inpatient settings and creates further accessibility to all integrative therapies. The role of the group therapist/psychotherapist, as an integral member of the psychiatry team, generates connections with patients and crafts a therapeutic alliance that cultivates resilience and nurtures recovery. As a member of this field, I believe our theories/practices can truly touch any individual.”—Emily Reyns, MA, R-DMT, MHC, Psychotherapist/Group Therapist, UVMMC

“My expectation is that this book will inspire a better understanding of mental health through the lens of group therapy/psychotherapy. I would hope that the group therapist is seen as a vital part of the multidisciplinary treatment team on inpatient psychiatry units including psychotherapists, psychiatrists, nurses, and social workers.”—Sheri Gates, MA, Psychotherapist/Group Therapist, UVMMC
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