Ob-scene Spaces in Australian Narrative. An Account of the Socio-topographic Construction of Space in Australian Literature

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Ob-scene Spaces in Australian Narrative. An Account of the Socio-topographic Construction of Space in Australian Literature

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Ob-scene Spaces in Australian Narrative is an exhaustive survey of Australian literature proposing itself as a journey through time and space. With a careful selection of texts which recount Australian history from the early days of white colonization to the present, this study endeavours to cast light on the process of socio-topographic construction that the settlers imposed upon the continent. As suggested by the title, the textual inquiry conducted in this book is driven by the stimulating ambiguity that lies between physical space and its discursive construction. A selection of canonical and non-canonical texts by authors ranging from Henry Lawson to Christos Tsiolkas aims to reveal the relationship between the space of the city (the scene) and the outback (the ob-scene space beyond the metropolitan area) and its role in the process of spatial construction that, through the last two centuries, has shaped Australia. Pablo Armellino’s distinctive approach to Australian literature makes Ob-scene Spaces in Australian Narrative a very interesting work. Using a carefully selected range of novels, linked together using social and literary theory, it recounts the history of colonization in Australia in a particularly approachable manner. Through the analysis of each text the reader seamlessly learns about the expansion of the frontier, the creation of an ob-scene space beyond it and the use the Discourse makes of this mechanism. These characteristics would appeal to both an academic audience, which would appreciate the detailed text analysis, and a general audience, which would enjoy the historical and thematic aspect of the book. – Professor Carmen Concilio and Professor Pietro Deandrea, Facoltà di Lingue, Università di Torino
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About the author

Pablo Armellino was born in Turin, Italy. He studied at the University of Turin and, in 2007, received a PhD in English. His main interest lies with Australian literature, but he has also worked on post-colonial and contemporary English literature. He has published on the contemporary relevance of god in English literature and on Australian Aboriginal narrative. During and after his studies he resided in Melbourne, Australia, and was a guest of La Trobe University.
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