The committee has selected Megan Buskey’s Ukraine Is Not Yet Dead for the 2024 AAUS Book Prize. This moving, courageous work about the Ukrainian experience of totalitarian occupation and its aftermath is based on careful academic research, done in consultation with prominent scholars of Ukraine’s twentieth-century history. It seamlessly weaves together intimate family testimony with archival materials, key secondary sources, and diaspora accounts. Buskey offers us a narrative that is at once poignant and gripping, emplotting crucial questions about the extraordinary choices faced by ordinary people under Soviet and Nazi occupation in personal and relatable ways. What emerges is an unforgettable meditation on intergenerational trauma and survival that is uniquely alive to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine today.

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When Megan Buskey’s grandmother Anna dies in Cleveland in 2013, Megan is compelled in her grief to uncover and document her grandmother’s life as a native of Ukraine. A Ukrainian American, Buskey returns to her family’s homeland and enlists her relatives there to help her in her ...


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Megan Buskey

Megan Buskey has contributed to The New York Times
Book Review, The Atlantic, National Public Radio’s All Things
Considered, and other outlets. A former Fulbright Fellow
to Ukraine, she has been studying and writing about the
country for two decades. She lives in New York City.