A Reply to Hate: Forgiving My Attacker

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A Reply to Hate: Forgiving My Attacker

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In September 2017, Dr Nasser Kurdy was stabbed in the neck while entering the grounds of his local mosque. This book tells the story of that attack and how Dr Kurdy came to forgive his attacker. It lays out the international historical events that brought Dr Kurdy to be in that place at that time and it follows events after the attack, combining his surgical knowledge with his experience of the UK criminal justice system as well as a series of reflective enquiries into the nature of forgiveness. The book is the timely and inspiring story of the optimism that can emerge from violence. It also includes contributions from a number of friends, family, and colleagues of Dr Kurdy, which illustrate the impact such an attack can have beyond that on a single individual.
The author

About the author

Dr Nasser Kurdy is a consultant orthopedic surgeon in Manchester, UK. In September 2017, on the grounds of his local mosque, in a sudden and unprovoked attack he was stabbed in the neck. However, within a very short space of time, Dr Kurdy found himself forgiving his attacker, and he has worked since to counter extremism, knife crime, and various forms of criminal behavior and extremism.

David Tucker is an Associate Lecturer at the American College of Greece, Athens, where he teaches literature as well as academic and creative writing. He also directs a consultancy company that connects experts on extremism with the public and private sector.
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