Critical Studies on Latin America

Editor: Mariano Féliz

This book series promotes the production and spread of original knowledge on Latin America from critical perspectives, mainly from the point of view of scholars working in Latin American setting. It includes analyses across all social science disciplines with an emphasis on the political economy, anthropology, and sociology.

While there is no shortage of critical research on Latin America, most studies tend to be produced by institutions and scholars from the Global North. Since the social context of production of knowledge is a key issue, we believe there is a need for Latin American scholars to be able to reach a wider audience. This will provide the global academic community of Latin American studies with a new, fresh perspective that is so far lacking, helping little known but highly relevant debates and researchers reach an international audience.

While books in the series may include contributions by non-Latin America based scholars, the series’ main purpose is to provide rigorous research from scholars working in Latin American institutions.

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  1. Food Security and International Relations

    Thiago Lima, Agostina Costantino

    Food Security and International Relations

    Critical Perspectives From the Global South
    232 Pages
    People are often surprised to learn that although the current global levels of food production are sufficient to feed all of humanity, the problems of undernourishment increase year by year in many countries....

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